Tuesday, August 08, 2006,2:31 pm
Every Friday the heart cries while calling out these words:
أَيْنَ الشُّمُوسُ الطّالِعَةُ؟
Where are the clear source and spring of Light (vision and insight)?

أَيْنَ الْأَقْمارُ الْمُنيرَةُ؟
Where are the lively vivid handsome faces?

أَيْنَ الْأَنْجُمُ الزّاهِرَةُ؟
Where are the distinctly visible pioneers?

أَيْنَ أَعْلامُ الدّينِ، وَ قَواعِدُ الْعِلْمِ؟
Where are the "know all the answers" scholars who communicated and made clear the religion of Allah? The fundamentals of knowledge and wisdom!

أَيْنَ بَقِيَّةُ اللَّهِ الَّتى لا تَخْلُوا مِنَ الْعِتْرَةِ الْهادِيَةِ؟
Where is the ‘Everlasting legacy of God"? (never ever is the "family of Guides" without One).
**اللّهم عجّل لوليک الفرج**
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