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Dua Tawassul - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
Shaykh Tusi says, in his book Misbah, that Imam Hassan bin Ali Al Askari wrote this dua'a for Abu Muhammad who requested him to teach him the proper way of reciting salawat. Allama Majlisi has mentioned this dua'a on the authority of Ibn babawayh who confidently says that there is no difficulty or problem that this dua'a does not solve. The merciful Allah is beseeched in the name of and for the sake of the Holy prophet and his Ahl ul Bayt. It is known as the Dua which fulfills all legitimate desires in a short amount of time.

Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Musawi, writing on the famous Du'a' Tawassul which is directed at the Prophet (s) and the Infallible Imams ('a), says:
'The purpose of tawassul to the pious believers is that they are being requested to supplicate to Allah to deliver the person in need from his affliction, since the supplication of these saintly figures is accepted by Allah.'

(Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Musawi, Risalah dar Kitab wa Sunnat, Majmu'ah Maqalat, Kitab Nida'-e Wahdat, Tehran, Chehel-Sutun Publishers, p. 259.)

Dua Tawassul - Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

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