Monday, March 16, 2009,8:09 pm
Lost thoughts. . .
Sometime has passed since I have penned a formal entry on my blog. I have posted articles, interviews, analysis and different things but I have never related anything to my life. Since Muharram this year I have felt that sometimes it is better to express your thoughts so the people may formulate your personality according to your thoughts. And this entry is that only, my thoughts on a subject which I have been thinking about deeply for sometime.

It is unfortunate that we Shias today find ourselves in a very bad shape, divisions amongst us have caused us to be so fragile and our spirit of brotherhood has become non-existent. But the question is where does the blame lie? Those who add fuel to this flame of division? Those who ignite this flame? or those who burn from this flame? In many ways the blame lies in all three situations but in different magnitude. The one who ignite the flames of division does so to create discord and to sow the seeds of fitna, he has an agenda by which he wishes to remove the harmony between two believers or two parties. The one who fuels this flame and the one who is burnt from this flame are to be blamed for their lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge is ignorance and this ignorance is what causes one to escalate a separation and to divide the parities further and the one who is burnt has fallen in that trap because he has failed to distinguish between a good doer and an evil doer again stemming from his ignorance. However this might not always be the case sometimes people do genuinely make mistakes and repent but in majority of the causes where you see divisions remember there is always a force behind it and that force is either those who have ignited this fire or those who are adding fuel to this fire.

Today in our communities we see this aspect clearly. Our communities are split down the lines of ethnicity, culture, race and even political stances. We have forsaken the aspect of Islam and compromised it with these aspects. Islam made every one equal and even where there is difference between one another Islam has given ways to solve that. Try to reconcile if not then tolerance should be the method adopted. We are quick to point fingers without knowing the full story of a certain situation, to judge others in a moment without knowing him or her. Where did the importance of 70 excuses go? Islam has preached brotherhood in many aspects but we as an Ummah have always looked beyond it and have justified our doings using our own rationality. We are eager to talk about the differences of the marjiyyah and how so and so is against so and so while failing to realise that our knowledge is like a drop in a ocean compared to them. We have not even understood our leaders so I ask why the need to go on such a line where by you have to taste the flesh of your brother tomorrow? Why the need to go on such a line where by you have to pay with your good deeds tomorrow?

Truth stands out from falsehood, there is no need for the truth to be shoved down people's throat. Our Imams [a] never did this, we claim to be their followers but we have failed to adapt to their seerah. So let us tolerate and propagate what is our duty and our responsibility alone to others, let us do what we are capable of and let us unite together for a future that will be beneficial for us. Intezar is not smoking sheesha and passing time with idle talk where by one discusses the differences of the marjiyyah or where by one talks about how apolitical is a certain group or how a certain group is doing political desensitisation. Intezar is doing everything which takes you near to Allah, brings you closer to the Imam of your time [aj] and submitting to the commandments of Allah.

We have a test tomorrow and if we fail that test then it is nothing but the death of jahilliya for us.
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