Wednesday, November 22, 2006,3:31 am
A Tribute. . .

I begin in the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate, the Creator of heavens and earths, the Master of the Universes and the Creation. The One who alone deserves to be worshipped, the One who is the light in darkness, the One who is hope in despair, the One who is pardoner for all sins, the One who possess majesty and splendour, the One who is all knowing and all hearing.

Today we mourn the death of one of the greatest scholars of our time, Ayatollah Jawad Mirza Tabrizi, who was amongst the best students of Ayatollah Khoei. It is narrated in hadith that: 'When a Scholar dies the Earth mourns while the Heavens rejoices'. Surely today we have lost a great soul from amongst us who carried the light of knowledge and wisdom in his heart, who spread the love of Ahl ul Bayt [as] with his every word. .

His absence has left a big gap which shall not be filled for many years to come. He was a man who lived simple and through his simplicity he touched the hearts of many. He left behind his legacy for all of us for in his life we would find perfect examples and great lessons on how to be a faithful of the Ahl ul Bayt [as]. . .

May Allah bless his soul in the hereafter and may the love of Ahl ul Bayt [as] be his source of intercession. May Allah provide him a place in the lofty levels of the heaven in the company of the Ahl ul Bayt [as]. May his soul return with the return of his master Imam Al Hujja [ajtf] and may he be one of his faithful servants. Ameen. .

Ayatollah Tabrizi Funeral Prayers
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